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My Leadership Maxims


Imagine explaining your leadership philosophy on one piece of paper.  A simple summation of all you are and all you want to be as a leader. How powerful would it be to have a discussion about that single page with the members of your team? But that's impossible. Or is it?


I refer to my maxims every day to remind me how I want to show up as a leader.


My maxims are nothing more than a rule of behavior or conduct.  In writing my personal set of maxims, they have deep emotional meaning for me, they can guide my actions and decisions as well as make me a more powerful and predictable leader for my team.

Leading Yourself
  • Lead by example.

  • Always think before you do it.

  • The day I stop learning, is the day I die.

  • Life presents many challenges. It’s how I approach them that will define who I am as a person and leader.

  • Who am I being that my eyes are not shining

Leading People
  • Give and you will receive.

  • Leadership is being yourself and not someone else.

  • You have to be able to walk with kings and never lose the common touch.

  • Great leaders know their people’s values and what motivates them.

  • Leadership is knowing when a person’s values are out of alignment and helping them re-align.

  • Set high standards – and hold everyone to them

Leadership Skills
  • To get the best from my team, I must first and always trust and believe in them.

  • With change, comes opportunity.

  • My team comes first! I work for them, not they work for me.

  • My leadership always influences or determines outcomes, not some of the time, all of the time.

  • I am a leader, coach and facilitator whose aim is to bring out the best in people. Support them. Challenge them. Believe in them. Trust them.

Leading the Thinking
  • People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

  • There has to be a solution to every problem. It’s up to me to find it.

  • Establish the purpose together. Ensure clarity of purpose, plan and responsibility.

  • Communication: match the message to the moment.

Leading a Balanced & Authentic Life
  • Work is important and if I don’t stop and look around once in a while, I could miss the important moments in life.

  • My work is important. My family is more important.

  • Sitting around the dinner table with those that matter, keeps things in perspective

  • I lead in my professional life and I lead in my personal life.

  • Always find time for “I Time”.

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