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I was priviledged to hear from two inspiring leaders in Carolyn Cresswell (CEO Carman's Museli) and Gavin Slater (NAB Executive). Personally I resonated with the following: When Gavin spoke of leadership at ELT level he said: The group CEO's expectations of the Executive Leadeship Team..."If any of you come to me whining or complaining of another person, it will be your first and final warning." "If it happens again it will be a different conversation!". Carolyn - A boat in the harbor is safe and eventually the bottom will rot out. You can't stay in the one spot for ever. - Sometimes you know when you have an opportunity in your career. - Motivation and excitement contributes to your happiness. The leadership lessons / maxims for me are: 1. Don't be a victim. Take responsibility because I have a part to play in every situation. 2. Accountability! 3. Follow your dreams and don't accept 'no' in your search for your own happiness. Have the courage to leave the harbour.

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